Tissue concentrations of MDMA and its
metabolite MDA in three fatal cases of overdose

Garci;a-Repetto R, Moreno E, Soriano T,
Jurado C, Gimenez MP, Menendez M.
Instituto Nacional de Toxicologi;a,
P.O. Box 863, 41080, Seville, Spain
Forensic Sci Int. 2003 Aug 12;135(2):110-114


The recreational use of amphetamine derivatives has become increasingly popular in our country in past recent years. Their use is especially common among young people participating in dance parties known as "raves." As a direct consequence of their increased use, the number of fatal cases in which these compounds have been involved have increased dramatically since the second half of the last decade. In our laboratory, we have registered 25 cases related to amphetamine derivatives use since 1996. Three of them were deeply studied and the results obtained are presented in this paper. This information may be useful for the interpretation of the results obtained in toxicological analysis in the cases in which death may be attributed to MDMA use.

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