"Rollin' on E": a qualitative analysis of ecstasy
use among inner city adolescents and young adults

Eiserman JM, Diamond S, Schensul JJ.
Hispanic Health Council, Hartford, CT 06106, USA.
J Ethn Subst Abuse. 2005;4(2):9-38


Ecstasy use has spread beyond the rave and club scenes into other arenas of party culture, and from middle-class America to working-class and low-income neighborhoods of large cities. In order to explore ecstasy use among inner city adolescents and young adults, we conducted in-depth interviews with 23 poly-drug users who had used ecstasy, in Hartford, CT. Most users reported positive experiences while on the drug. Negative experiences were most often related to poly-drug mixing. However, heavy users (40+ times ever used) experienced negative aftereffects, which led them to decide to decrease or halt their use. Some participants discussed using ecstasy during sex, and irregular use of condoms. These findings point to the need for more in-depth research on MDMA use within inner city settings, with a particular focus on ethnic and cultural context, self-controlled drug use, poly-drug mixing, and sex risk behaviors.

Multidrug use
Ecstasy slang
Global Ecstasy
Dutch Ecstasy
Protect and survive
Overdosing in Spain
MDMA and immunity
Raving on MDMA/Ecstasy
Australia: 'Generation Ecstasy'
Ecstasy and serotonin synthesis
Club drugs, HIV, and gay and bisexual men

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